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                                 Diane V. Sharp​

Hello.  My name is Diane Sharp and I am a micropigmentation specialist.  I have been making women beautiful since 1985.  I began my career as a cosmetologist and received training in permanent cosmetics in 1998.  In addition, I have had training in the medical field which lends to very high safety standards.  This includes single use, disposable equipment.  

Permanent Cosmetics offers freedom and convenience.  I understand the importance, consideration, and time that goes into receiving permanent make-up.  This is why Ethics, Integrity, and Safety are of the utmost importance!  I have ONE goal - that you are pleased with your results.  Many precautions are taken to ensure this.   Such as, good communication, disposable equipment, quality pigments, continuous education, a clean and friendly environment, detailed instructions and supplies for your aftercare are all provided.

I have completed numerous permanent cosmetics advanced courses from the industry's top leaders. I understand how complex color theory, needle size, natural skin undertone, pigment size and formation, facial structure, and human physiology all play a role in your final outcome.  I am committed to giving each client my personalized attention and expertise to achieve a beautiful and naturally enhanced look with permanent cosmetics.

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