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Changing the Face of Cancer: One Face at a Time 

Getting a diagnosis of cancer is life changing and scary. It can be debilitating both physically and emotionally. There are so many questions that follow a diagnosis of cancer. One of the most common questions is “Will I lose my hair?” The truth is that with most chemotherapy treatments you will lose your hair. But it’s not just limited to the hair on our head. It can also include the eyebrows and eye lashes. Hair loss can be one of the most gut-wrenching and worrisome experiences of all the challenges that patients face.


My name is Diane Sharp and am a licensed cosmetologist with medical training and have been making women beautiful since 1985. In 1998 I became a permanent cosmetic technician and started Fine Line Permanent Cosmetics. Through the years I have taken several advanced courses from some of the top leaders in the industry, and have impeccable safety standards. I am committed to helping women look and feel better about themselves.


With the diagnosis of cancer and the potential hair loss permanent cosmetics takes on a whole new role. It is my mission to change the face of cancer – one face at a time through permanent cosmetics.


Patients come to me with concerns they have about losing their eyebrows and eyelashes. Drawing on your eyebrows daily comes with the mounting frustration of drawing them correctly, as well as consistently each day.  Every face has its own unique beauty. Together we design a plan to maintain, and to maybe even enhance, your natural brow shape. We then choose a color that will flatter you and give you the most natural look. In addition, we can discuss placing some color in the lash line to brighten and maintain definition to the eyes. This can be done before, during, or after chemotherapy with the doctor's consent.


Eyebrows are so important. They play a role in framing our face, give us expression and give us a more youthful look. So many cancer patients have told me that after having permanent eyebrows and/or their lash line done, they no longer feel like they have that “chemo look”, and that the time (sometimes hours) that they were spending on drawing on their brows was “just so frustrating”. Permanent cosmetics offers a solution to this very problem. Permanent cosmetics can help cancer patients regain a part of themselves that may have been lost during chemotherapy and help them feel their best. When we look good, we feel better about ourselves and radiate confidence.


If you have any questions and would like more information or to schedule an appointment please call me at (209)604-2106.

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