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"Never before have I gotten so may complements on my eyes, even without make-up."

Permanent eyeliner is wonderful!  No more smeared eyeliner and residual staining of the under eye area even after you have cleaned your face.  No more "raccoon eyes" due to rubbing your eyes or the eyeliner running.  This appointment can take 1 1/2- 2 hours, with approximately 45 minutes being the cosmetic tattooing.  After filling out some forms and consulting with Diane, you will then begin the process by numbing the lash line with a topical anesthetic.  By using specialized tools for facial cosmetic tattooing pigment is placed into the skin.  The pigment is skillfully and carefully placed right into the lash line. The amount of swelling is individual to each client, but generally, most have a little swelling and soreness.  Most people describe that they feel like they have had a good cry after the procedure.  The new eyeliner will appear darker and thicker initially.  On the average the entire healing process will take about a week.  After the procedure you will be sent home with an ointment and after care instructions.  

Starting at $350

    Two visits are included.  The first visit is for the procedure and the second is        available to you within a 3 month period.  After such time there will be a fee.


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