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Lip liner/ Full lip Shading
"My lips were practically invisible.  With Diane's customized techniques she achieved a soft natural lip with just a touch of color.  Exactly what I wanted!"

Who doesn't get tired of their lipstick wearing off?  Or get tired of their lipstick bleeding beyond the natural border of the lip?  This procedure can enhance the shape, color, and volume of you lips.  Due to age and or trauma our lips lose definition and color.  Permanent cosmetic lip liner and or shading can be customized to meet each client's style or preference.  A subtle or more defined look can be achieved.  The pigment is placed into the skin by different methods according the  clients desired results.  You may want a definite lipline or a lip shading to give the lip a natural, more voluminous appearance.  This appointment will take approximately 2 hours with 1 hour of it being cosmetic tattooing.  Afterward you will be sent home with an ointment and aftercare instructions.  Initially there will be some swelling and the lip color will look very intense  but after the healing process that intense color will come off and a more desired color will appear.  It can take up to 6 weeks to see the full color retention.  If you have a history of fever blisters or cold sores then you will need to ask your doctor for an anti viral medication and take it before and after the procedure.  So say goodbye to continually reapplying your lipstick or lipstick ruining your clothes.  With cosmetic lip tattooing your daily life just got easier.

Lip liner starting at $250

Lip shading starting at $400

    Two visits are included.  The first visit is for the procedure, and the second is available to         you within a 3 month period.  After such time there will be a fee.


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