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                               Color Correction


"I had previous work done by another technician and I thought I was stuck with this awful blue eyebrow. Diane and I talked about different options and what we decided on was perfect.  With her redesign and corrected color I couldn't be happier!"

You are not stuck to live with unwanted permanent make-up.  Unfortunately there are many people out there performing permanent cosmetics with little or no training, with out understanding how complex color theory, needle size, natural skin undertone, pigment size and formation, facial structure, and human physiology all play a role in the final outcome.  Fine Line Permanent Cosmetics understands the importance of all of these factors.  Diane has done extensive work in correction and will do everything within her skill set to give you a more desired result.

Prices vary with the amount of correction to be done.

                                                         Beauty Mark

                              Because sometimes a girl just wants a little something.


Give yourself the unique gift of a beauty mark and accentuate your natural beauty!

Permanent make-up can be applied to create a chic beauty mark. Many colors are available to match your skin tone or hair color. Beauty marks are created to give a natural, sexy look. Most women use cosmetics to accentuate their best facial features. While this can be done in a vast number of ways with the many different types and shades of makeup today getting a beauty mark with permanent make-up can serve to draw attention to your best features – – either in a simple, subtle way or with a dramatic flair.


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