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     Discover the

                     Beauty &  


                             of permanent cosmetics


Imagine waking up beautiful and looking your best all day long.  No more eyeliner smudges in the middle of the day.  No worries about makeup running or smearing while exercising, doing yard work or even swimming.  Imagine the time you will save every morning and how great it will feel to see your reflection in the mirror and think " Wow, I look great!" 

Fine Line Permanent Cosmetics can change the way you think about make-up.  We can help you look great all day, whether you enhance your face with additional makeup or choose the natural look.   The Benefits of Permanent Cosmetics are numerous!



             If You Have:            


  • An active lifestyle (an athlete, a professional, a busy mom, etc.)

  • If you want to save countless hours and frustration drawing on your make-up numerous times throughout the day

  • Looking for correct symmetry to the face

  • Contact lenses

  • A vision impairment, arthritis, or physical disability

  •  Seasonal allergies and watery eyes

  • Oily skin that sheds makeup easily

  •  Long hours  at work ( nurse, teacher, doctor, factory , etc.)

  • Sparse, half eyebrows, very light or no eyebrows

  • Sparse or light eyelashes

  • Difficulty applying make-up

  • Unsteady or arthritic hands

  • Cosmetic allergies

  • Scars

  •  If you are looking to boost your confidence

  • If you are looking for a more youthful and brighter appearance

  • If you just simply want to make your life easier



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