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"Being light skinned with blonde brows I was so worried about them being too dark.  Diane really listened to my concerns and the results are fantastic!"

                 Imagine never having to use an eyebrows pencil again!


Good eyebrows are essential to your beauty  They frame your eyes.  They lift your eyes and lend expression to your entire face.  In short, they get you noticed!  Eyebrow issues are common.  However, the causes can vary.  It may be from medical conditions, over tweezing, an injury, or the natural aging process.  I understand the insecurity that can come when you sweat or go swimming and you are left wondering if you still have your brows on.  Or worse... maybe only one brow is on.   Whether a client comes in with alopecia, bald spots, light, sparse or half brows,  together we create your ideal shape and style.  Then a customized blended color is placed into your skin.  You may want a subtle shade behind your own hair.  Or you may want a more solid design.  

The appointment length of time is an hour and half with approximately 35-40 minutes being the cosmetic tattooing.  Afterward you will be sent home with an ointment and instruction on your aftercare.  Initially your eyebrow color will be dark.  Eventually they will heal and peel and that is when a more natural and softer color will appear.  On average the entire healing process  will take about a week.    

So no more wasting countless time or the feeling of frustration that come from drawing and redrawing your brows on.  Experience the freedom that comes with permanent eyebrows.  

Starting at $300

        Two visits are included.  The first visit is for the procedure and the second is available to you within a  3 month  period.   After such time there will be a fee.


Healed Result

Immediately After

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